About Our Company

Our company was founded by Rick Simpson himself. Hence the name rick simpson oil which is abbreviated as RSO. Initially, Rick simpson experimented the use of cannabis to treat an infection he had at work back in the years 1990s. He found out its efficiency better than those of the pharmaceutical products.

When he got diagnosed of Cancer in 2003. Rick simpson further his studies in the use of marijuana to treat cancer. The final product is the number one on the market called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). You can buy rick simpson oil form us at our stores located in various countries. Where to buy rick simpson oil is not a question anymore as you can buy rso from this rick simpson’s official website. Based in the US and shipping world wide.

Start of RSO

As per say, in a way we identify this period as the start point for the use of RSO to treat cancer.

Peak of RSO

We reached the peak in terms of popularity at this point in the year 2013. Rick simpson oil hit its top popularity and acknowledgement.

Till date

Rick Simpson oil has not yet been fully accepted. Studies still go on to confirm its efficiency to fight cancer.

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